Butchrd is a clothing brand. All proceeds go back into the company to help talented riders/racers, move to the next level. Our goal is to use our means to showcase and help as many talented riders, racers, and trail workers as we can.

Paul Tohill - Owner


Paul loves riding mountain bikes any chance he gets. He designs and hand prints most of the apparel we sell. He has a graphic design background. He also has been dipping his time into Videography/Photography to keep you guys entertained.

Paul Doty - Team Mechanic / Enduro Racer


Paul Doty keeps our guys rolling smooth, and does what ever it takes to make it happen. He has been racing many years and helps the guys with track-walks too. Paul has also worked many different races, for many larger companies throughout his career. We are lucky to have Paul on board with our team.

Bryan Connolly - Downhill Racer / Coach


Bryan Connolly has been racing longer than most can imagine. He has stood on podiums more than anyone else I know. Bryan rides smooth and helps our guys with line choice. He is also a trail builder for Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. Bryan does some phenomenal trail building. He is always in good spirits and its great to have such and awesome veteran  racing and coaching for the team.

Kole Wetherell - Racer


Kole is a joy to be around. Always smiling ear to ear, and talking about bikes. He lives and breathes this stuff. Kole is a great young talent from the PNW. He works under Bryan, building trails for Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. He's the young gun on the team, and he's pretty darn good at riding his bike, FAST.

Ian Webster - Racer


Ian works hard all week so he can ride his bike all weekend. His hard work says a lot about him as a person. Ian is another one on the team that is constantly smiling ear to ear. He is fast on his bike, hucks big gaps, and sends rock rolls / drops like its nothing. Ian has a lot of natural talent on a bike.

Scott Peele - Enduro Racer


Scott recently moved to the PNW from Texas. YEEEHAW. The first race he entered he got a 3rd place podium spot. Pretty impressive to say the least. Scott love all disiplines of bike riding. He can do it all from road biking, cross country, to downhill. It will be fun to watch him grow in the Enduro race circuit.